Thursday, August 21, 2008

what we didn't do...

Camp is over tomorrow morning and cousin sister Becky and I are sitting at the dining room table with large glasses of wine and talking about how short our visit was and realizing that there is a whole list of things we didn't get a chance to do.

Here they are:

We didn't get our night out sans kids. It was a result of babysitter scheduling conflicts and also wanting to spend time with family, but we did really want a chance to talk grown-up style (for those of you without kids, that simply means having an uninterrupted and uncensored conversation).

We didn't have our banquet awards ceremony. This is where we ceremoniously award each other camper awards hand drawn on paper plates. One year when we were about ten years old, Becky and I awarded each other about twenty blank plates before anyone ever noticed. They weren't so happy when they did realize that we were hogging the stage.

We didn't have any successful shopping trips. That is pretty much an impossible feat with four children under eight. And in fact, we had a very impossible shopping trip today where I stopped at two stores on State Street to purchase a Badger sweatshirt, something that I've wanted to buy every single time I've been to Madison. Pretty much the scene where Becky, the 60+ year old saleslady, and I are all chasing Tali and Naomi through the store was not a very happy scene.

I did not buy a UW Badger sweatshirt. As I mentioned, for some really irrational reason, I really want a Badger sweatshirt. I've always wanted one because Madison is such a nostalgic place for me. Oh well, there's always next time.

I didn't eat a Brat. That seemed like such a Wisconsin thing. But Becky is assuring me that this is a good thing.

I did not get enough time with my family. I hate the night before departure. I always feel sad about leaving and about having to miss my family again. We all had such a great time and I love hanging out with my cousin sister princess cousin Becky.

Oops, forgot to buy the Co-Jack for Boaz. How can you not love a cheese called Co-Jack? Even if you really love it for its name???

See you later Wisconsin... We will definitely be back.


Marketing Mama said...

No cheese? No brat? Are you sure you went to Wisconsin?

just kidding.

Looks like you and your kiddos had a fabulous time. :)

Jennifer said...

Co-Jack. MMMM.

And I think it's time you just order one of those sweatshirts on-line. (They have internet in Wisconsin, don't they?! *grin*)

Have we chatted before about your Madison connection and mine? Mmm. Might have to email you and your cousin! :)

amy said...

Oooh, I think they do have those internets in Wisconsin! How brilliant you are! :) And definitely email us--I can't wait to hear about your Madison connection.