Saturday, August 09, 2008

going to the lodge...

Even though it's practically the end of the summer (can you EVEN believe that???), we start our big vacationing marathon tomorrow. Our first stop? The Great Wolf...

My dearest old college friend, Ally, and her son Nick flew up here from LA to visit and tomorrow we head down to the The Great Wolf Lodge for two nights and three days of indoor waterpark family fun.

Yes, I said indoor. An inside waterpark. Inside. Where the sun don't shine. And the oddest thing is that even though at first that was a turn-off, now that it's raining and chilly again in Seattle, I'm actually glad that we still get to romp around the water in our bathing suits during the season that is called Summer, but isn't all that hot. I don't care if we have to do it inside.

The other thing about The Great Wolf is that besides being incredibly Northwoods theme-based with theme-based names of activities all featuring words like Buckhorn,Great Lights, Camp, and Critter, and posessing a huge wolf pack buffet (not so good from the double dub perspective), but you also must stay at the resort in order to participate in all of the water fun. Otherwise, we'd never stay. (I think...) I imagine it'll be like three days in the Chuck E. Cheese catacombs, but with a full bar.

But since Ally and I tromped off to the Sinai desert together, in addition to countless other hapless adventures, we'll manage this and probably have a lot of fun with the kids.

Did I mention there's a full bar? See you on Wednesday with lots of pictures!

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carrie said...

Have fun! We did! :) And yes, there is a bar . . . AND a STARBUCK'S. Who needs anything else?