Friday, August 29, 2008

college plans and things to do when you're grown-up

While we were walking through the UW campus during our trip to Wisconsin , Becky and I overheard Ben and Samuel talking about how they should go to college together someday in Madison and how fun it'd be if they could be roommates. Earlier in the day, I'd threatened, I mean mentioned, to Samuel that he badly needed a haircut (something he absolutely abhors because he wants to grow his hair long, and is somehow and oddly fascinated by mullets (though I swear he has no idea what they look like, but that doesn't seem to deter him at all).
Here is Samuel and Ben's list of things to do when they're college roommates and all grown-up (haha!):
  1. Get a very short haircut before college and then not get it cut for a WHOLE YEAR.

  2. Watch NC-17 movies without their moms around. Maybe watch an R-rated movie.

  3. Play M-rated video games (much cackling from the boys about this wicked act)

  4. Go to McDonalds (added by Tali)

  5. Stay up very late... Maybe even until midnight.

  6. BBQ every night.

  7. Get married because even though they don't like girls now, Ben says this will probably change later.

For now, though, the boys are getting ready to tackle third grade. Which is big enough for me right now...

On another note, I was so inspired by Obama's speech last night. I feel that same excitement in the air that I haven't felt since the 1992 election... I truly believed last night that this country was going to make the move toward change. All of the speeches were amazing and our democrat speakers seemed so poised and controlled and articulate about how to manage this campaign.

And then I woke up to McCain's announcement of his running mate, Sarah Palin. I never expected her as a choice for him and wondering how this is going to affect this already tight race. It seems like such a clever choice for him, even though I know very little about her. Can't wait to read what the pundits are saying, though, I'm hoping that this choice doesn't hurt Obama's campaign.

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Becky said...

First, I love the college conversation between those two silly boys. Thanks for blogging about it so we have it, FOREVER!

Second, McCain's choice is GREAT for us! She is a super super conservative ex beauty queen who has no experience. She won't get the Hillary supports (she hates gays, pro life and part of the NRA) and she will deter the super conservative right wing who won't want a woman as VP. It's great for us! NEVER FEAR!