Tuesday, May 30, 2006

let's potty!!!

This morning B and I woke up (at 5:30 am, mind you) to the kids singing and playing in S's room. S was singing at top of his lungs, "I want to pahty! Let's pahty! I want to pahty!" (something from the movie Madagascar, I think?) T was trying to sing along, but not as loudly, and then she stopped.

"Wait!" she said. "Why do we want to potty in your room? Shouldn't we go to the bathroom for that?"

We could hear Samuel groan in his room. "No, silly! Not potty... It's pahty! That's the way you say it when you're having a really good time!"

Monday, May 29, 2006

pg forever...

My due date has come and gone (okay, only yesterday, but yesterday was a very, very, very long day for us)... I know that my yoga instructor insists that we don't refer to due dates, but "due months" since determining these days is not an accurate science, and I know that at my second ultrasound my doctor said that maybe we should consider the due date to be somewhere in between 5/28 and 6/3. And, I know that both of my previous pregnancies went past the due dates (S was two days late and T was two weeks). I know all this...

But I want some contractions!!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

beauty over easy

On seeing a truly gorgeous sunset on the way home last night, S, who'd rather eat eggs than any sort of cookie, points to the sky and sighs.
"Look at how pretty the sky looks! It looks just like runny yolk!"