Monday, January 14, 2008

real sisters...

I think it's finally happening... It's that turning point where siblings aren't just the older one and the new baby, or the big kid and the little one who always gets into your stuff and turns your favorite Legos and Polly Pocket accessories into their own lethal weapons. I think that Tali and Naomi are finally becoming friends. At least a little bit.

Last night as I was asking, then telling, then telling her for the last time, and then yelling at Talia to hang up the dress she'd tossed onto the floor after changing into her jammies, Naomi just looked at me like I was insane. She then picked up the dress and stuffed it into an open drawer. Then she looked at the two of us as if we were the biggest morons on earth ("Geez, even a baby can put the dress away!"). Tali jumped up and hugged Naomi.

"Noemi! You stuck up for me! And you cleaned up for me! We're going to be best friends!" And Naomi, of course, was thrilled to be given that kind of attention from her big sister.

That night, after I put them both to bed, I heard them giggling and talking in the dark. It was the first time they'd ever done it, and it was terribly sweet. I sat on the floor in the hallway listening to them until I could tell Naomi had fallen asleep and then went in to say goodnight to Tali again.

"Look, Mama... I put her blankets back on her and tucked her in snug." Tali looked pleased with herself. "Do you think that she'll clean up for me every night?"