Wednesday, August 20, 2008

another letter from camp...

Camp is fun. I like it a lot.

Except that I may be losing my mind a little.

I held off posting for a few days because I couldn't find the USB cable to load my many, many photos and then tonight, whilst hoping that someone in Princess Mikkimoto's building left their wifi unsecure, I had this thought that wouldn't it be funny if I'd very conscientiously tied up the cable with my power cord in order not to lose it and it was right there?

And it was.

I am very lame.

So here I am... Ready to post some photos about our many Camp Runamucka adventures.
Pretty much, camp looks a lot like this:

But in between this, we have seen lots of cousins...

And because we were the adults, we made our brood wear homemade camp t-shirts that we made about 20 seconds before we stuffed them in them. It would've been nice if we'd stopped long enough to read the directions on the transfer decals, which we'd assumed were really just a repeat of common sense.

However, it seems that common sense was something lacking in our camp administration. The first person to figure out what is wrong with this photo will win their very own Camp Runamucka 2008 t-shirt!

However, we only have the shirts in size 2-4. No matter... We made the kids wear them, anyway!

As usual, there has also been a lot of eating...

And there's no better way to rally the troops than to get them involved in some good old fashioned Tupperware organizing.

So that's all from camp today! Tune in tomorrow for some more exciting adventures...


Becky said...

Gee, that camp looks like fun. I wish I could join. Those kids are cute too.

and that lady who is modeling the t-shirt... KNOCK OUT!

amy said...

she is hot, isn't she???