Sunday, August 31, 2008

the next american idol...

For whatever reason, I never really got into the television show, American Idol. Maybe it's because it's not music I usually listen to, I don't have much time, and really, I spend too much time online to spare on AI.

But yesterday, Kim and I headed to the mall to purchase the American Idol Encore game for Wii and I'm sadly addicted. (Have I ever mentioned, though, how easily I am addicted to anything?) We stayed up late into the night singing to songs I haven't heard since the 80s, and then getting trashed by Simon, Paula, and Randy. I never realized quite how ungroovy I actually was--I felt like that Tina Fey character in Baby Mama. But once you got over the fact that you were trashing the songs, it was so ridiculously fun. Who would've thought that simply being handed a microphone and an audience would make you want to sing out loud and proud?

But the best part was waking up this morning to some loud crowing from downstairs. I ran down to find Samuel and his friend, Jacob, singing along to Madonna's Holiday, and trying to read the words as fast as they'd appear.

Now, they'd really have me addicted if I could add my own music to the game. And despite all his trashtalk, I think that Wii Simon really loves me.

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