Monday, July 07, 2008

i heart indiana jones...

Because things have been crazy in our household this summer so far (okay, it's only been a week, but it already feels like months), I thought that maybe taking the kids out each Sunday for some alone time would be something special and maybe help them feel like things weren't so totally chaotic. Samuel would go first and next week would be Tali's week. Then Boaz would take the next two weeks with them. Naomi, that crafty toddler, manages to get her 1:1 time no matter what.

So when I told Samuel that we were going to go off for an afternoon by ourselves, he was excited. And then I told him we were going to the Seattle Art Museum. And he was much less excited. I've been down this road before when we were in Rome, but obviously, I haven't caught on that even though the kid loves art, he needs to be dragged and taken by force to an indoor art museum. (For some reason, outdoor sculpture gardens are much different.)

So in order to keep this a positive event, I gave in this time. We really never get time alone together and I wanted it to be fun. And after putting my foot down to going to see The Incredible Hulk (come on, could someone other than Lou Ferrigno really do the Hulk?!) we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie.

Here's my official spoiler warning. Don't read if you care about knowing what happens in the movie.

I've had a crush on Harrison Ford since I was ten and the first Indiana Jones movie came out and because I absolutely reverted to my ten year old self while watching this movie, this one was no disappointment. Indy and Marian were reuinited, it was action-packed, the KGB were scary, Cate Blanchet was scary and beautiful, the ants were disgusting and Indy was lovely, lovely, lovely. Sigh... (Am I officially old if I still think Harrison Ford is hot?)

But every so often, I would look over at Samuel and wonder if this was too scary a movie for him. There were times when I was curled up in my seat with my hands over my eyes, and then I'd look over at him and he would be munching his buttered popcorn happily and totally engaged in the movie. Every once in a while he'd absentmindedly wipe popcorn grease on his pants, or the seat, or my arm.

"Are you sure this isn't too scary?" I asked. "Just a little?"
"Mom! Shhhhhh! It's not!"
"Kind of sort of scary? Just the tiniest? Not even at all?"

So when the movie ended, we both left the theatre feeling totally satisfied and excited. And then Samuel turned to me and said, "There's something I just didn't believe in that movie."

"What?" I asked, ready to tell him that in real life, or at least not in Seattle, red ants don't devour entire KGB agents.

"How could Mutt be Indiana Jones' son? He and Marian weren't even married." Samuel shook his head, obviously irritated. "That's not even possible."

I looked at him, freaked that I would have to delve back into our birds and bees coversation. And then I took a breath and said, "Yeah, wow. How could they mess up that fact so badly?"

Next time, we are so going to the art museum.


Jessica said...

"There's something I just didn't believe in that movie."

The birds and the bees convo.

Thank you, thank you for the well needed laughs.

Becky said...

Too funny!
Ben has been watching the OLD Indiana Jones movies that we rented and I was so sad to realize they weren't really that scary. Ben was actually BORED by Raiders of the Lost Ark. "Where's the Arc?" he said.

Shannon said...

My college roommate and I had a life-size cardboard cutout of Harrison Ford in our room.