Thursday, June 12, 2008

birds and bees, fried eggs and spurns--spring is in the air

Boaz worked late tonight and dinner got off kilter pretty quickly. I made my specialty--scrambled eggs--which I get away with because the kids love them and Samuel really has a thing for eggs--especially fried eggs. Everyone was hungry, tired, and whiny and then Samuel brought up the question I've been seriously putting off for years. (You'd think that since I knew this was evenutally going to get me, I'd have come up with an answer. But no, my middle initial is P for Procrastination.) Sensing something was about to happen,Tali and Naomi's ears perked up quickly.

Samuel: So Mommy, how do babies get born?
Me: They grow in the mommy's belly.
Samuel: I know that. How do the babies get in the belly?
Me: Um, well, Mommys have eggs in them, and Daddys have...
Samuel: Wait... Moms have eggs in them? Like chicken eggs?
Me: Um, no, not exactly. They're a lot smaller. All girls are born with eggs.
Samuel: So Tali and Naomi have them?
Tali: I have eggs?
Me: Um, yeah.
Samuel: Can you fry them?
Me: No! Samuel, you can't fry your sister's eggs... I mean... No... People eggs aren't like chicken eggs.
Tali (knowingly): Right. They're very different. Girl eggs like spurns.


Marketing Mama said...

LOL - that's hilarious! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday, glad I found yours!

Jessica, Jackie and Ezra said...

Ezra will not eat eggs. He asks for them nearly every morning, and we buy really good eggs at the farmers' market - laid by the chickens the day before we buy them. What's your secret?

And oh, I dread this day. Ezra will really wonder why we get a package from Peter packed in dry ice and then disappear in the bedroom. I'll tell him about the eggs and spurn.