Monday, June 16, 2008

another edition of child photography...

Well, the kids managed to get a hold of the camera again.

Ah, the beloved broken baby swing... Nobody rides in it anymore because it's forever wet and dirty from the rain. But at least it's being appreciated here.

Cool hardware, huh? I'll bet that's never been properly appreciated. Until now...
Portrait of the Artist
A child's view of the artist's mother... Boy, is that how I look from down there?

A foothold from the playset... Cool.

A path to nowhere... (or the driveway)
Close-up of the artist's friend, Sam--her partner in crime

Hey, if you have any child photography of your own, send it to me. I'll share it. Really.


Marketing Mama said...

Great photos! I don't trust my 2 (almost 3 year old) with my camera yet... I just brushed all the wet leaves off our blue baby swing today to give my little one a ride... chuckled to see yours here!

amy said...

It's so nice to get the baby swing going again, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

love the partner in crime!
ain't that the truth!

Jennifer said...

Amy! It was so nice to see you visit my blog today -- and I am having so much fun catching up with your gang here, right now. The "egg" conversation is cracking me up!

BTW, we have the same swing, unused with the same dirt factor, still up on our playset too. ;)