Thursday, June 12, 2008

for those of you trapped in siberia...

I am having trouble working on work tonight because I'm dreaming of warm beaches and Googling cheap air fares (there are none) to warm places. Tickets to anywhere are so expensive that I'm about to take a friend's advice and head to Spokane (I hear they have good corn tortillas there), but since I'm desperate for warmth now, I've taken to Googling photos of warm places.

Now, I generally like Google, but if this result in response to my search of "photos of warm beaches" is a joke, it's a very, very cruel one.

Here's a little warmth to you Seattle-ite Siberians...
Yeah, it's not working for me, either. But, I know those two blob figures are supposed to be people--warm people. And while we're waiting for some blistering 60 degree weather, I'm begging you... No turtlenecks in June. Please. (It's just so sad.)

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