Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm not going to Blogher and this is why...

There about a million bad reasons why I'm not going to Blogher, and I'd thought I'd come to terms with the big ones:

  1. 1. It was logistically too hard to hand off the kids to B while he's against a deadline.

  2. 2. The tix and airfare are too expensive.

  3. 3. San Francisco is such a boring city to be in.

  4. 4. I didn't really want to go, anyway.

Actually, #s 3 & 4 are blatant lies (unless, of course, you happen to have an extra ticket for me since San Francisco is too boring for you), so really only #s 1 & 2 are true. Still, if I'd planned better, I could've gotten it together. I am lame that way.

Because now I'm sort of feeling like that girl who didn't get a date to Homecoming, but plays it off like she's too cool to even want to go, anyway. But really, you know she totally and seriously wants to go. She's pining to go. And not just because everyone she knows is going and she's going to sit home alone in her old sweats and watch reruns of 90210 all night while digging into a couple of different flavored pints of Ben and Jerry's. No, she wants to go because it's HOMECOMING! It's a milestone. You've got to do it. It could be one of the highlights of your life!

Um, no, this totally did not happen to me at homecoming. And I didn't end up going with my brother, either (fingers crossed).

So since I've decided that all my excuses were lame, I've been futilely looking for tickets to go. Next year, no more excuses. I'll see you there with my corsage on! (I'll leave the poufy Gunne Sax dress at home, though.)


Becky said...

OH MY GOD! Did you REALLY go to Homecoming with DANNY!?!? Not that there is anything wrong with that. All the cool girls did that.

Well next year WE WILL ROCK Blogher. Whether they want us to or not.

Sweet picture btw.

Amy said...

Wow, I don't know what's more hot! The blue dress or the suspenders! :)

amy said...

well, it is hard to know which is hotter. the 80s were really the epitome of style and grace... :)

Binkytown said...

I'm not going either- that darn baby ruined my plans (just kidding of course..)

Isabel said...

I got excited thinking I wasn't the only person that wasn't that impressed with San Fran. But then I realized you were just kidding about that part.

amy said...

I haven't been to SF for ten years, so it's definitely been awhile, but I used to live there and whether it's realistic or not, it's the place I always want to go back to.