Tuesday, October 28, 2008

who would you invite to your election party?

Samuel and I were talking about who we'd invite over to watch the election results with us since Boaz is leaving for China on business that day (and it is really probably best for him not to follow every single announced result) and Sam came up with the following list.

  1. His friend Max. Because he's his friend.
  2. Anakin Skywalker. Because he's cool.
  3. R2D2. Because he's cool, too, and wouldn't it be cool to have a droid at our house on election day?
  4. Barak Obama.

"I think maybe Barak Obama might be a little busy on election day," I tell him. "I'm not sure he'd be able to make it. But why do you think he should come over?"

"Because he makes peace and that's a good thing to have around," he tells me. "Plus, I think he'll be in a good mood that night."

Let's just hope...


Becky said...

I wonder which side Anakin would be on. You know, he does have a DARK SIDE to him. Might not be great to have at a OMGOBAMAF-INGWON! party.

but R2D2... totally.

amy said...

Oh, definitely it would be Anakin pre-dark side.