Tuesday, October 28, 2008

another day, another milestone... naomi gets a haircut!

Finally, at almost two and a half, Naomi has gotten her first haircut. I think I was scared to take the plunge and take a scissors to her curls because I was terrified they wouldn't come back. And everyone knows that the minute you cut your baby's hair, they no longer look so much like a baby anymore.

And she's my baby...

But things were getting bad. The girl REFUSES to keep barrettes or piggytails in her hair and is always frustrated with getting her hair in her eyes. (You would think that logic would work here, but apparently that comes later...) And then incredibly, after her haircut today, Naomi still has her curls! And she's got herself a lot of 'em.

Here's the before pic... Note that her pigtails that she kept in all day (of course) at preschool were just taken out.
Cute girl, lots of baby hair...

The difference with taking a two year old for their first haircut instead of a ten month old is that they actually WANT the haircut. I'd told her this morning that she was going to have one after school and when I went to pick her up a little early, her teacher knew that today was the big haircut day. (Um, is she my girl, or what?)

"Mama, I want 'parkleys," Naomi said when we sat her down in her yellow taxi cab chair. She'd witnessed enough haircuts to know that at the end, her big sister's hair was always sprayed with gold sparkles.
"That's not until the end," I told her.

"Mama, make sure I get 'parkleys."
At the end, she got her sparkles...
Her hair doesn't look really look any shorter, just neater (and sparklier, too). In the spirit of saving money, I wonder if I could've done that myself... But I got to take home a photo commemorating the first haircut, along with a little baggy of curls to seal the deal.
And I also had a very happy, sparkly girl who discovered a ginormous stuffed and apparently napping Elmo (talk about freaky) in the adjoining toy store. We seriously had to bribe her to get her to walk away from it.


Becky said...

I can totally hear her asking for "'parkley's"

Such pretty hair Noemi!!!

Marketing Mama said...

What a little darling! Love the hair cut, great news that the curls stayed! :)