Monday, October 27, 2008

a typical pre-bedtime hour phone conversation...

Me: Can you run in the morning? Tali... Stop drawing on your brother's shirt!

RunnerFriend: Yeah, let's go early. Will that work? Hey you guys, stop splashing!

Me: No!

RF: You can't go early?

Me: No, Tali, you're done with pens tonight. Yes, that's right.

RF: You can or can't go in the morning?

Me: I can go in the morning. How was your day?

RF: Great. Hey, what you guys doing? Get back in the tub!

Me: Are you talking to me? Naomi, put that pen down. Who left that pen out?

RF: Oh my gosh, what is that?! Hey, who pooped in the tub? Gotta go...

Me (running the tub): He what?!
Boaz: What's new with those guys?

Me: No idea...

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