Thursday, September 04, 2008

on the verge...

The first week of school is more than halfway finished and things are more or less back to the regular school-year swing of things (except that Tali constantly has this wild, thrilled look in her eyes because she's about to tell you AGAIN that she has school tomorrow). Samuel is already complaining about homework, the dinner, bath, bedtime hours are rushed, and I've already ruined another pot boiling eggs.
The thing that is different is that I'm not working at all.
I'd expected to go back to work in September and then never found the right project. And while trying to keep up with the kids, and especially with Naomi, who has suddenly undergone an extreme makeover from easiest child ever to Super High Pitch Screamer Two Year Old (complete with cape), I haven't had time to really search for anything. Or pretty much do anything, but keep her from falling into fountains, drawing on the floors and walls (okay, there's proof on my walls that she got away from me, but the pen really came right up off the floor), or applying lotion to her hair.
"Do you really want to go back to work?" Boaz asked me the other day.
I didn't even need a moment to think about it. YES YES YES YES YES!!!
I think I can safely say that while I have totally and absolutely adored having extra time with my munchies, I love working. I love being engaged in a project, I love the challenges and education, I love hearing Samuel's opinions on work problems (he's surprisingly insightful about work politics)...
But mostly, I love the rhythm of the week. I love looking forward to the weekends, I love looking forward to the end of the day when we all get to see each other again, I love talking about our days.
And though I know I might be exhausted from all of the travelling over the past few weeks, but lately, I feel like all the days, then weeks, are just blending in to each other and I just cannot get enough energy to get much done. Usually I stay up until 1am and then with a good run in (and a lot of caffeine), I'm good to go.
But I've definitely been dragging over the past few weeks. It could be that with a two year old and a crazy carpooling schedule, it's just hard to get much done. And while I'm always mourning how fast the kids speed through their phases and years, it would do my soul some serious good to get some outside the home productivity going.
Tomorrow is my first child-free day (at least until 3:30) for longer than I can remember and I'm going to get my act together. Wish me luck.


Becky said...

ooh good luck!

and I love that picture. You would never know that was the day that everyone lost their sh*t.

Ah, the good ol days. :-)

Sheri said...

wishing you luck. i know what you mean about the blending.