Friday, May 23, 2008

(preschool) class of 2008--we are kvelling...

Last night Talia, Shrug*, and their friends graduated from preschool.

It was a sweet occasion. The room was decorated with flowers and lilac colored tablecloths and the tables were decorated with photos of the kids and quotes about their school experiences over the years. The teachers stood up and said wonderful, loving things about our kids and it was lovely to be surrounded by friends and family as our kids treated us to a musical performance of the childrens' rendition of the Beatles' "Love, Love, Love." We cried over the cuteness (and um, the something else-ness of the performance. See for yourself). And Tali loved being the center of attention.

The thing that seemed so obvious, though, as we watched the slideshow of these kids and looked at photos of them over the years, is how much they've changed in three years. Yes, yes, that's obvious--years two to five are filled with monumental developments. But from here on out, and now I know this being on #2 going into Kindergarten, these kids just grow so damn quickly. I took a ton of photos last night because Tali was adorable and so Tali at five with her leggings and Shrug (again!), but also because I know that even six months from now, her legs will be longer, her face slimmer and she'll be in third grade before I realize it. And that's all good, but sometimes you want the moment to last a little longer.

As for Tali and Shrug, they are ready for Kindergarten!

*Shrug is a sparkly gift from Tali's Aunt Mari and being that they're inseparable (Tali and Shrug), we no longer treat her like a common noun (a shrug), but more like a member of the family (our Shrug). Also, Shrug has attended enough days of preschool to warrant her own diploma, but being that she doesn't have arms, only sleeves, she'll share Tali's. Look for a later post on the Adventures of Shrug.


Moty said...

Very sweet, ca'nt wait to see you all.
Moty and Myra

Becky said...

LOL! Shurg. hi Shrug!

That video made me miss Tali even more - if that's possible.