Monday, May 12, 2008

a letter to winter

Dear Winter,

I know that you've been getting a lot of hate mail lately, and that's why I've hesitated to write you. I know it's hard to be so unpopular and I got suckered into keeping my opinion to myself.

But enough is enough. Getting into the car this morning, Samuel shivered in his layers of clothing and said, "Doesn't Spring come after Winter?" Isn't it really almost summer?

And yes, Winter... It's getting close to summer. What the hell are you still doing here???!!!

It was embarrassing when you snowed on Passover, the holiday where we highlight the symbols of SPRING, and then by the second seder, when you snowed again, on April 21st mind you, I was just embarrassed for you. And angry. Because not only did you pretty much ruin the spring holiday, the chance to wear spring clothes, and pretty much all hope for warm weather, but you KILLED my rununculus that had been doing so well! You're a fickle and cruel season and I'm through with you.

So, for about a month you'd go away for a day or two, then come back with all your drizzle, but yesterday I'd had enough. It was Mother's Day... Couldn't you at least treat your own Mother Nature with some of the respect she deserves? Why are you so angry and bitter? Repressing others (I'm trying, Spring!)will not solve your own issues of insecurity. Yesterday, on Mother's Day, which was MAY 11, we sat at Samuel's baseball game in a blustery 46 degrees. At one point when it started raining again, most of the parents went into their cars where we could not watch the game very well and because of you, my son is angry with me for missing his best play of the season. And it's your fault, you cold freak of nature.

So, that's it, Winter. Send in Spring. Take a break. Give this California girl some sun. I'm through with you. Really. I don't want to hear from you again until at least next year.

Not yours at all,

1 comment:

Becky said...

OMG I literally laughed out loud!
Nice work!

"You freak of nature." Priceless!

I feel semi responsible as I shunned him so bad from Wisconsin, he had no where to go but Seattle. I think he got stuck on his way to Alaska.
I'm not making excuses for the lousy excuse for a season. Just sayin'.
Maybe when my mom comes out there in a couple weeks she will bring a little Spring with her.