Wednesday, May 14, 2008

obama in the house...

Our family has been somewhat active with Decision 2008 and it's no secret that everyone in our house is now behind Barack Obama. (Samuel wanted John Edwards before he dropped out, but I think it's safe to say he's strongly endorsing Obama now.) We have our Obama sign on our front lawn and when we drive by other houses with Obama signs, Talia says, "Oh, look! Friends!" She's been known to wear her Obama pin to school and when you ask Naomi who she'd like to vote for, she smiles and says "Obama." (Fine, she gets a lot of attention for that, so really, it doesn't take a rocket scientist, but you the point.)

So, I wasn't really surprised when her favorite bear, a freebie from Ikea named Aaron Bear (after one of her friends from school), was renamed Aaron Obama Bear. However, yesterday she started screaming for her "Obama!" I ran after Aaron Obama Bear to make that pre-2 year old shrieking stop and when I handed it to her, she looked at me as condescendingly as possible for an almost two year old and said, "NO! MY OBAMA!"

Since I had no idea what she was talking about, I gave up and got her coat on to start our rounds of afternoon kid pick-ups. As we headed out the door, she squealed and then lunged for Boaz's heavy yellow tape measure. "My Obama!" she yelled happily and hugged it to her chest.


Anyway, she slept with her Obama last night (please don't spread the word--we don't want a scandal on our hands) and now it's at daycare with her. The mysteries of toddlers are abundant.

Here is Naomi with her Obama... Please note the wet weather and the rainboots because it is still wet and rainy and cold here in Seattle on May 14th, a date in mid spring.


Becky said...

OMG! That is so cute and yet, um odd.
Nomi + Tape Measure sittin' in a tree...

I love your kids.

Anna said...

So adorable! I love random toddler stories. Gotta wonder what, exactly, is going on their little heads. Neurons sparking like mad, I bet!

Have a great, and SUNNY!, weekend.

Shannon said...

I read this yesterday, and it's still making me chuckle out loud. I had to come back and comment to say thank you for the day brightener.

Almost-two-year-olds are awesome.

Erin said...

Hooray- now that I know I saved your blog I can read it more! Maggie does the same weird thing. That insistent "NO, my (whatever!" when you just gave her what you swear she was asking for. They truly are mysterious creatures. Since you're on number 3, shouldn't you have this figured out by now? Ha!