Thursday, May 29, 2008

i have feeling...

Last week, Naomi pooped in the potty for the first time.

Talking about potty training is a slippery slope, I know. I mean, before I became a parent, I would never talk about bowel movements. And even after the first two were born, I was proud about their quick toilet training, but I never really felt the urge (pardon the pun) to really talk about it openly. I didn't really want to be the kind of parent who talked about their kid's poop. It just seemed unnecessary.

But now, on the verge of never having to change another diaper (on my own kid, at least), I'm feeling pressure. (Boy, it's amazing that once you start talking about it, how many puns really go straight back to um, the poop.) Naomi is starting her toilet learning (do they still call it that?) fairly early and before we know it, that whole diapering part of our lives will be over. It's the third kid syndrome, I think. When you're not totally forgetting milestones, you're mourning over the very ones you were thrilled to give up with the first kid.

Our girl is so proud of herself that she's ready to wear some big girl pants (though we're experienced enough to not comply). "I have feeling!" she yells when she's ready to go, so of course we all run around singing the same thing. She's loving being a big girl and when I think about how many diapers we've changed since Samuel was born, I can enjoy her excitement. Though, when the time comes, I will miss that fluffy diapered bottom tremendously.

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