Tuesday, August 04, 2009

camp mail from sam...

Hey everyone,

Camp is fun. We get to do a lot of sports. There have been a few injuries, but Aunt Natalie made us some casts. Naomi and Tali got one, too, though they didn't really get hurt.

We tried to make friendship bracelets, but nobody could finish them because they were too hard. We did go sailing twice, and my dad made us call him Captain and salute him for days.

There are a lot of cousins here. We're having fun hanging out with each other.

And did you know that in Madison, the zoo is free? Except that I had to be the turtle.

The only thing lacking is a bathtime. I don't mind it, but Naomi sure has some dirty legs.

And at the end of the day, just before Taps, we all relax with a big glass of milk--Wisconsin style.
Wish you were here, but there's really not a lot of room.

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Paul said...

Samuel, did you really write this? I knew you had talent, you winner!!!!! I love it! Love, Safta