Tuesday, June 02, 2009

naomi rose is three???!!!

How can it be that my curliest of girlies, my sunny pie o' my sky is three years old already?!
It feels like just yesterday I was doing anything I could think of to go into labor, and not so long ago that she was this caramelly chewy little baby. And now? Well, she's still caramelly and chewy for sure, but she's got this spicy streak that rivals her big sister's. Nothing gets past Naomi and nobody takes advantage of the girl and if you ask her how old she is, she'll stick three chubby fingers in your face and defiantly say "Three" as if she just dares you to challenge how big girl that makes her.

There is something about Naomi that is just sunny and happy, and even though she is typically little sister shrieky when necessary, she can easily be distracted from a bad mood. She loves to sing and dance and the girl can play for hours on her own in the backyard making up her own imaginary stories while her brother and sister run around her, playing their own wild games.

We had a little party for her on Sunday and her two little friends, Sophie and Rina, came over to hula with her. Though the party was dominated by older siblings and cousins, these three just took it all in, hung out, and enjoyed themselves.

Even though she'd been sick all week before her birthday and wasn't really feeli ng one hundred percent for her little luau, Naomi was enthralled with this first birthday that she'd been able to look forward to. When we asked what she thought about her birthday, she replied using her very serious voice and calling me by the name she uses when she's being most serious, "Mommy Rose, I think that was the best birthday ever."

Happy Birthday, Noemi! We love you...


Becky said...

Awww, baby Noemi! Happy Birthday sweetie!

Those are great pictures of the birthday girl Amy!

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday to lil Naomi! She's such a doll. Hard for me to believe it's been three years since my son was born too! Looks like a great party!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday Naomi Rose!!!!

Love you,

Aunt Mari Rose, Uncle Ronen Rose, Tamir Rose, Ilan Rose and Maya Rose!!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

That last picture of Naomi is a winner...

It would make a great poster...

It's too much!

Sounds like it was truly a happy birthday!


Aunt Karen