Thursday, June 11, 2009

i'm bedazzled by bejeweled...

So, you know how much fun it is to work on coverletters and resumes? Well it's such titilating entertainment that I've taken to rewarding myself with playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook every time I finish one.

And then every time I half finish one.

And then every time I work for ten minutes without stopping.

And then today, I gave up and gave myself an hour to play the blasted one minute game, which means I probably played at least 50 rounds.

Can you say pathetic?

That game is video crack. I can't stop, and all those sparkly jewels flying around (I like the diamonds best...) You just know there are subliminal messages entering your brain when you hit that five in a row blitz.

But also, I'm a bit of a competitive person and this is what really drives me:

Once I got ahead of Princess Mikkimoto and Aunt Princess Mikkimoto, I stopped playing and went back to working nicely on my um, work. I thought to myself that I should do a screenshot of the score because it's rare that I have a higher score than them, but then chided myself for being totally superficial and ridiculous.

But then later this evening, I went back to check on my status and as you can see, Princess has beat me again. Sigh... How does one get so good at Bejewelled? I ask you?

(Seriously, I need to get back to work before I lose my mind completely...)


natsewell said...

Ummm, I have the same problem. Blitzed! Sew a little, play a lot. When I saw your "new high score" I played for an hour and half. Now I can't sew because my wrist hurts. But I can play.

Paul said...

I feel the same way about Scramble! But, noone plays with me and I have to play "solo". I can't beat my former highest score of 140. Then there's Danny with his 198 or 192 or some ridiculous score.
I remember the good old days before I got hooked.