Monday, April 13, 2009

we're. crumbling... banish the maccaroons!

Pesach, Day 5:
We're on to our seventh box of matzah and things are sort of crumbling in our household. To say the least...

Nobody should eat so much matzah. And the butter... Oh lord, the butter. Enough already!

And the matzah roca... Who the hell thought that cruel one up? I love it, I hate it, I love it, I hate it... Help. Me.

Eggs were our saving grace, but this morning, the girls passed on their scrambles and went back to their old standby: matzah and butter. Even Samuel stopped at three eggs and that's saying a lot.

There is nothing anybody wants for dinner except for bread. And lots of it. Bring on the carbs!!! Fluffy french bread and some pasta and maybe some tortilla chips and salsa...

To get our minds off things, I took the kids to a movie this afternoon and stuffed baggies of kosher for pesach marshmallows and maccaroons in my purse. They each had their own water bottles and tried not to look at the snackbar as we walked in, but when the theatre darkened and the curtains opened, and I pulled out the maccaroons, the kids shook their heads dejectedly, but Naomi took one look at them and screamed "NOOOOOOO!!! POPCORN!!!"

Five minutes later, she was happily munching on marshmallows and I made a mental note to never ever bring out the maccaroons again.

So what's for dinner tonight? Meatloaf again unless someone can quick send me a good Pesach recipe. HELP!!!


Becky said...

Call my sister!!!

Otherwise don't look this way. We had one Seder which I feel gets me off the religious hook for at least 2 years.

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