Wednesday, April 01, 2009

top 10 ways you know you're not a kid anymore...

10. You repeatedly hear your parents' voices coming out of your mouth (HOW DO THEY DO THAT?!)

9. You watch HSM 3 with your kids and you find yourself obsessing over that fact that Troy seriously needs a haircut. Really, isn't it sort of a Trump-esque combover?

8. You watch HSM 3 with your kids and think that Troy's dad is actually the cute guy in the movie.

7. You watch HSM3 with your kids and when you try to dance with them, your two year old laughs and says, "No, Mama! Not like that!"

6. You're even watching HSM3 at all...

5. The words "wild" and "Spring break" still go together, but now mean something completely different.

4. "True Religion" reminds you of the band, not the jeans.

3. You can't wear the current retro styles because you already wore them in junior high school.

2. When you send your friends text messages, their phones either cannot accept them or they politely tell you that each message you send costs them 50 cents.

1. You make lists about getting old...


Becky said...

Since I haven't seen HSM3, think Zack Efron is HOT and I text like crazy, I don't fall into this right? Therefore I'm still SUPER young and hip. Right? RIGHT?!

amy said...

Oh, right! But obviously that very long eleven months between us is a slippery slope downhill! LOL!

You don't think that Zac's hair is too long???

Becky said...

He is HOT! Beautiful and hot. Sorry, he is.

and yes you are SO MUCH OLDER than me. Can you even read this or did you need to take a nap?