Monday, February 23, 2009

last day on the beach...

Today is our last day on the beach and we're getting ready to go back to reality. Our lives are already seeping into our vacation. Samuel pulled out his hefty homework folder and his assigments are strewn about the condo along with bathing suits and flip-flops. Boaz is on the phone with work and I'm scheduling appointments through the next few weeks.
But for this last day, as we get ready to head to the beach, we're all putting away our homework and work until we get on the plane tomorrow so that we can get one last full day of relaxation in. Boaz and I are going off to surf together for a few hours (heh heh heh, that sounds so funny to say that I'm surfing, but I'll give you the update on that when I post the videos), and the kids are going to hang out with their grandparents and friends at the beach. They've got plans to dig in the sand until they hit the middle of the earth so we've got to get started soon.
As soon as we get home and retrieve the cord, I'll post videos of our surfing and hula adventures... It'll be my attempt to relive these beach days over and over.

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Sheri said...

*sigh* sounds lovely.