Tuesday, April 26, 2005

mango me

The UPS guy, a young college guy, knocked on the door in the middle of the kids' dinner of mango and frozen matzah pizza and he kept looking at my chest. I gave him a dirty look... I mean, I had two kids hanging on me and he'd totally disrupted dinner, which was a fragile set-up, anway. The pizza had turned out to be the biggest let down after I'd hugely built it up ("Hey you guys! We get to have pizza on Passover! How great is that???) , and the kids were too tired and crabby to eat much, anyway. But I have to admit, I was the tiniest bit flattered, too. So I signed for my package, got the kids back to dinner and went on with my evening. It wasn't until I'd put the kids to bed that I noticed a huge, gooey gob of orange mango sticking out of my shirt. Who knows how it even managed to get there.

I turned 34 yesterday and I feel it.

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