Thursday, April 28, 2005


At about 3pm yesterday, I called B up at work and asked him about the 3pm Dinner Preparation Obsession (hereby called 3-DPO) and his response was...

"I never think about it. You do."

So I said, "You never think about it because I do? Well, what if I didn't?"

"Well, if you didn't, I would. Do you want me to?"

"Yeah, I totally want you to. What's for dinner tonight?"

"Um," he said. "I'm actually not going to be home. I've got a meeting until 7pm and won't be home until 7:30. But I can bring something home afterwards. Should I do that?"

"But the kids will be in bed already by the time you get home," I said. "Will we have to wake them up to give them dinner? Do you think they could last that long?"

"Yeah, we'd have to wake them up for dinner. They might not be too happy about going to bed unfed. Maybe you should figure something out for them."

"So I guess I'm figuring out dinner tonight."

"I guess so. What are you going to make?"

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