Wednesday, March 10, 2010

neti pots and oms... you're probably thinking i'm going all new age on you

Now that's I've successfully caught my 20 billionth cold of the year, I finally took the advice of a good friend and purchased a Neti pot.
For those of you not in nasal health know, a neti pot is a vessel designed to irrigate your nasal passage. Basically, you pour warm salt water up one nostril while you hold your head sideways and keep doing it until the liquid flows out the lower nostril. Then you repeat on the other side. It's supposed to totally clean you out. And apparently (as it says on the neti pot box) it's an ancient yogi practice that helps cleanse your energy channels and balances the right and left hemispheres (of what? yourself?) to "create radiant, energetic health and wellness."
All of that sounds good to me because I was really thinking I'd just pop a few Sudafed and cover up the symptoms until they went away. But you know, a natural yogic way to get better seemed like a good thing. And you know how good I am about my yogic Oms...
So I went to the supermarket natural healthcare section (because this is Seattle, afterall...), and I picked myself out a neti. I'm thinking what sold me was this picture:
I mean, if you can smile while spouting water through your nostrils, it must be a pretty good product. She looks happy and relaxed. She looks like her nose isn't totally stuffed up.
And being that I'm all about the aesthetics of things (some call that superficial, but I'd beg to differ), I was pleased to see that my neti pot was sort of cute, too. The white ceramic design matches my dishes, though that did make me worry that someone might accidentally mistake it for a creamer.
Unfortunately, B was pretty quick to point out the phallic nature of its look and design, and um, it sort of seemed a little less like a good idea to stick that up my nose.
Nevertheless, I'm about to go on a cross-country ski trip on Friday that involves hiking four miles up to a cabin in the snow with a three year old tethered to my waist in a pulk. This means that:
1.) If I'm willing to do that, I may be crazy enough to stick a phallic shaped teapot up my nose.
2.) If I'm willing to do that, I'd better try anything to get as healthy as possible by Friday.
Luckily, next to the natural healthcare section there is a very UNnatural healthcare section, which is where I picked up some Halls cough drops and that familiar and comforting red and white box of Sudafed.
I don't think I'm quite ready for the Neti. And I really could use a new creamer...


Safta said...

Sounds awful. But then I'm old age not new age.

LutherLiz said...

My husband swears by the thing. I have used it with some success but find myself turned off by the sensation. It is effective though so when I am desperate I do use it.

Ours is less phallic looking and more like Aladdin's lamp.

Becky said...

Um what happened to just blowing ones nose?

ChemoBabe said...

i do the squeeze bottle version of the neti. the water gets momentum this way and it is not so scary to stick it up your nose.

Mike said...

Hmm. Very interesting looking.

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[Yoga Life Style] said...

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