Friday, January 22, 2010

what's to eat without wheat?

So, if you know Tali, you know that she frequently suffers from stomach aches. This has been going on for years now and though we've been to the doctor a number of times, nothing ever comes up in her tests.

So for awhile now, we've attributed it to nerves.
Which frankly seems a bit like a cop-out. It's true, she doesn't like loud places with lots of people (oh wait, can you say school?) and she is a total slave to schedule, which is something I'm um not that much a slave to. Nor is her dad.

Last summer the poor kid carried around a plastic bag, even to Disneyland, for fear of throwing up. And though she only did once (and I'm 99.9% certain that was carsickness), I think she actually likes to drive her brother crazy by embarrassing him with the bag. And also, it does make a mighty nice windsock when you're riding a bike.

But this has been going on forever. I'd thought that if it were a transitional thing, we'd be transitioned by now. We've tried giving up lactose and dairy, and that helped a bit.

But now we're giving up wheat.
Which is a problem. Because that is sort of what kids eat.
Tali is up for it because the pain is real enough. But she doesn't like meat and well, she loves her some carbs.

Anybody have some experience in with the wheat free world out there? Recipes? Web sites? Insights?

When I announced last night that we were going to try this, Tali nodded and then laughed.

"Oh great. Now Mommy is going to have to learn to cook again. Maybe we should just keep going out for sushi."

Sigh... So much confidence. (Help? Anyone?)


Becky said...

Hey, my friend Darcy is Gluten free and so are her kids... maybe I can get you in touch with her...

Poor Tali Bear.

ChemoBabe said...

potatoes. rice. quinoa.

whole foods has awesome wheat-free pancake mix. trader joe's has brown rice tortillas that make good quesadillas. they also have gf mac & cheese, as well as a fabulous array of brown rice noodles.

love love to my tali & her belly... xox

Ellen said...

here are a couple of links to some gluten free recipe blogs.

McSpeert said...

This blog is by a friend, Shauna, who lives on Vashon now... her hubby is a chef... they are very close with my best friend here in Seattle and we all have daughters the same age. A very informative blog! Good luck.

Ellen said...

oh, and this one:

amy said...

Wow, you guys are amazing resources! I'm totally going to check those sites out, Ellen!

amy said...

So the thing with Tali is that she doesn't like rice, potatoes, or quinoa. Weird, no? Whole Foods WAS amazing, though. So much food!