Monday, December 28, 2009

things i've learned (or confirmed) in 2009...

                And the end of the year lists have begun...

                1. Whisky is a very good thing for a parent--Evan is your friend.
                2. Moderation is actually a good thing, too.
                3. Reverse psychology works on tweens AND preschoolers. Not so much on six year olds.
                4. Kids can actually get sick of mac and cheese.
                5. They can get sick of noodles, too.
                6. No matter how far you're running, the last mile is painful.
                7. Even though self-brow waxing seems like an amazing time and money saving deal, um, it's not worth it. Same goes for any other kind of waxing.
                8. Same goes for haircuts.
                9. Costco is not a money saving venture for this family of five, especially since I spend as much on impulse buys as I do on groceries there.
                10. AmazonFresh is my new best friend. When the delivery person comes to the door, it's all I can do to keep from squealing in delight that I got out of going to the grocery store. (Did you know they can do same day delivery, or if you order at 10pm they'll have your groceries on the doorstep by the time you wake up??? Oh, and that they will deliver Nobilo AND kosher chicken? Seriously...)


                Jessica, Jackie and Ezra said...

                I would like Amazon Fresh to be my new best friend as well. I am always in the market for a new one, and sometimes the six blocks to Whole Foods seems just too far, and as best friends go, it is hard to see past its stomping of all the other neighborhood grocers and laughing in the face of universal health care. So tell your friendly delivery guy (or girl) to start moving on down the coast. Will ya?

                (Also, whiskey and I have become close in the last few months as well. Don't worry. Monogamy is a dead art where booze and groceries are concerned.)

                Happy New Year!

                amy said...

                Oh Honey, I'm always willing to share my loves with you! There is plenty of booze and groceries to go around! (Plus, I happen to know that Evan isn't really into monogamy.) Happy New Year to you and yours!

                Becky said...

                Great list! Huh, on to whiskey now huh? Hmmm maybe I'll have to try that in 2010! miss you!

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