Tuesday, January 27, 2009

spotlight on sienna... (aka naomi)

Because I've been so swamped with life in general, I thought I'd post this little interview with Naomi... Enjoy!

Interview with Naomi:

Me: Okay, Naomi... First, what is your name?

Naomi: Sienna. Girl Sienna.

Me: That's not your name. What's your real name?

Naomi: Noemi Bomi.

Me: What's your favorite thing to do?
Naomi: My favorite thing is about coloring.

Me: What's your favorite color?

Naomi: green marker

Me: What's your fave dinner?

Naomi: macaroni and cheese or noodles

Me: Those are the same things.

Naomi: Noooooooooo!

Me: How old are you?

Naomi: six

Me: How old am I?

Naomi: four and a half

Naomi's other faves:

Fave playmates: Naomi and Alexandra and Aviva or Fifi

Fave toy: pizza

What do big girls like to do? Play dress-up

Fave outfit: underwears

Special talent: Can fall asleep absolutely anywhere at anytime


zeghsy said...


Becky said...

LOL! That is TOO cute! I can't wait for Tali and Samuel's interviews.

And yes, N can fall asleep anywhere... even during crazy Camp Runamukah.

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh! Brilliant!

I'm totally going to interview Eva...though I imagine every answer will be some form of "duck."

amy said...

Oh, I'd completely forgotten about how she fell asleep on my foot in the middle of Camp Runamuckah chaos! lOL!

Marketing Mama said...

Underwears! :)