Thursday, December 18, 2008

snow day #2--this time with feeling (and snow)...

Yesterday the Seattle School District called a snow day, even though there wasn't any new snow yet. Mostly, it was the anticipation of a snow storm that kept the schools closed. And all day long we watched the windows, looking for some action. Nothing.

The weather report predicted snow for last night and jaded, the kids did their homework and got ready for school the next day only to wake up to a bright white world. It's been snowing all day, which is a lot of Western Washington and we've all been pretty excited about playing in all this white stuff.

We're all pretty sure the schools will be closed again tomorrow so I guess winter break has come early for the kids this year... No more school until 2009!


Becky said...

I just have to laugh. I know it's "a lot" for you guys but OMG we get that much snow in April.

I'll go out on an adventure walk with Ben today and show you REAL snow. We got 8 inches last night and more is coming. And that doesn't count the already 5 inches on the ground. We are pretty much Eskimos.

amy said...

Yeah, yeah... We're now up to 13 inches, so nyah nyah on you! Plus, snowplows are for wimps!