Tuesday, November 04, 2008

what are you waiting for??? vote already!!!

I've been holding off on expressing my extreme anxiety and excitement for this day, but having finally, finally gotten here, I'm ready to barack my vote. I'm planning to take the big kids with me to my polling station before I drop them off at school because they've been so involved in this race and at least for Samuel, it'll be really the first election he'll probably remember.

But before we do that, they have a message for you...


Go on, get voting!


Becky said...

Well now, THAT was the best ad for Obama yet!

Because of that, I think I WILL vote for Obama. Thanks Talia, Samuel and Noemi.

zeghsy said...

awesome. :D

i voted. :)

amy said...

Oh good! The kids were very, very, very concerned about your vote, Princess! They'll be thrilled to hear their PSA swayed you!

Becky said...

We did it Amy! We really did it!

Our kids will know a wonderful President in their lifetime. We really did it!!!

Dan Gebler said...

That was the first political ad that made me tear up... with laughter! Samuel's dancing rocks.