Thursday, February 22, 2007

tali learns life lessons

In an effort to not have to clean the bathroom every single day, I've recently embarked on a campaign to help the minority gender in our household remember to pay attention to what they're doing whilst in the restroom. Apparently, my nagging is having some effect, but perhaps not on the right people because this is what I noticed when Talia was playing with her Barbies this afternoon.

Scenario: Prince Charming Ken is standing in front of the Barbie toilet, pants down. (Why does my daughter have a Barbie toilet? You should go ask her Safta...) He then pulls up his pants, leaves the toilet and is immediately accosted by Bride Barbie Kayla (all Barbies in our house are named either Kayla or Lemonade), who is still wearing her veil.

Bride Barbie Kayla: "Hey Mister, I didn't hear you flush! And, you left the seat up! Hmmph!"
Prince Charming Ken: "I'm sorry, Kayla. I guess the reason I can't remember is because I'm a boy."

Hmmm... Wrong audience, wrong message. I guess I'm back to rethinking my strategy.

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Jennifer said...

I am so glad I popped in to check on you today -- this post made me giggle! I can sooo relate.

And the photo of Talia below is breathtaking. What a gorgeous girl!

Hope you're all doing well! :)