Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the cool kids

Last Sunday we were sitting around the living room, listening to music and reading the NY Times and just generally having a very pleasant time.

"Hey, I really like this music," I say to B. "Who is it?"

"Jack Johnson," B says, not looking up from the paper. Samuel was singing along and Talia was strumming the guitar, pretending to play along. I was thinking to myself that our kids were really cool, and how great was it that they were sophisticated enough to enjoy our music. I mean, these kids listen to Citizen Cope to fall asleep.

"This sounds so familiar," I say, after a few songs. "But I really like it. Why do I know this?"

"Soundtrack to Curious George," B. says smiling, still reading his paper.

At least the kids are cool...

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Jessica, Jackie and Ezra said...

I've been singing Justin Roberts even when E is asleep or not in the room. Can't help it.