Tuesday, February 01, 2005

what fits in her nose?

Today T stuck a huge piece of bread up her nose.

"Eeewwww, it's a huge boogie!" S cackled, and thrilled with his response, T tried to stick it further in. Then she tried to stick a piece up her other nostril. This is all within the confines of her carseat, where I couldn't get to her while driving. I am sure she mistook my shrieks from the front seat for encouragement.

I've heard stories about kids sticking things up their noses, but I've never actually seen it happen. I actually never really believed it could happen. It sounds so uncomfortable that even a toddler shouldn't want it. In fact, I seem to remember said toddler vehemently refusing nasal drops or aspirators in her nose just months ago. Perhaps it's one of those things that's better done yourself?

T is into absolutely everything. She'll climb on anything, try anything, attempt to steal a toy from anyone, is hardly ever scared when she should be, and apparently, she'll stick things up her nose. I'm already terrified for her teenage years.

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momathome said...

You'd be surprised how tempting nose-stuffing is for toddlers. My 4-year-old recently packed his nostrils with Play Doh that I had to painstakingly pick out with tweezers, under threat of going to the hospital. He's got a terrible, and not irrational, fear of nurses, so that did the trick.